This site includes the most current work by Connie R Campbell and  comprehensive progression of her sculpture from past to present.

“Walking through the aluminum, copper and steel cable sculptures in the exhibit “Archetypes” is like entering a miniature city full of modern, abstract buildings.  … the similarity of their design is deceptive; the more one looks at and ponders these sculptures, the denser and more intriguing they become.”
Nancy Gilson, The Columbus Dispatch

“Since the early 1980’s, I have been aware of Campbell’s sculpture,  which I admire for its level of abstraction, use of scale and process of construction.”
Thomas Macaulay, artist
“The series of metal, wire and wood sculptural constructions by Connie R Campbell operate as both containers and definers of space. The open interior regions of these works are as essential to our perception and understanding of them as are the straight and curvilinear lines of the materials. This nebulous space has been actively incorporated into the work itself. In many instances the structures project invisible vectors into the surrounding space in overlapping planes. These define invisible structures for the viewer and function to firmly anchor the object to the ethereal space it occupies.”
H Michael Sanders, University of Cincinnati