Artist Statement

     Originally the nature of my sculpture was drawn from skeletal remains of animals I found while walking in the woods. Taken from those simple found remains, a evolution of formal design characteristics, such as lines, curves and repetitive planes, became the genesis of my sculpture.

      In my current work, systematic mathematical ratios from the Golden Section are used in determining unit measurements, allowing the final work to display a complex structure based on a simple pattern.  The structures are produced through hand-worked methods to counteract the mathematical system with a more personal, human approach.  In these sculptures, the interior space has become as visually important as the exterior space.  The arcs are created with actual tension of cable lines, giving the work an element of visual energy within the form.

   My current work consists of three Series, which follow my interest in symmetrical geometric design, repetitive line and tension application.  Each Series shows a evolution in complexity of lines and  balance while introducing a suggestion of archetypical form.